Goose Neck Tablet – Phone Holder

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Goose Neck Tablet - Phone HolderGoose Neck Tablet – Phone Holder Review – This is a review for a Goose Neck Tablet – Phone Holder and this is the third device I purchased where I think I found a good holder that stays put and securely holders either my tablet or my phone for downtime such as a 34 hour reset. On my 34-hour resets I enjoy watching movies or even streaming TV shows. In the future I’ll review various services you can use to cheaply get entertainment while relaxing in your truck. I currently use Direct TV Now, Amazon Prime, and quite often purchase movies through Google Play where I have an extensive library of movies I have purchased over the years.

Goose Neck Tablet – Phone Holder

goose neck tablet holderSo, while I’m relaxing on my 34-hour reset I rarely get bored. This necessitated a purchase of some type of holder to hold either my tablet (for Google Play movies/TV shows) or my Samsung Note 9 Smart Phone. I have the Direct TV Now app on my phone and subscribe to that service through AT&T. AT&T offers free unlimited streaming for those who subscribe to Direct TV Now through AT&T which I have done.

My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which is one of the larger tablets and is completely dependent on Wi-Fi to download the movies to my tablet through the Google Play app. The tablet is also heavy so when shopping for tablet holders I needed something sturdy to hold the weight of the tablet to keep it steady and secure. I also wanted a holder that could double for a phone holder because sometimes I watch streaming TV shows and movies on my phone.

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 Goose Neck Tablet – Phone Holder

I found a good holder that I’m happy with and it only costs around $10.00 through Here is a photo show of the holder I use for both my tablet and my phone for when I am stuck somewhere or taking a 34-hour reset.

goose neck tablet holderYou can see that the end of the holder has a slot, so you hook up the power cable while watching. Also, the screw down clamp securely fastens to any type of solid surfaces up to 3 inches which works perfectly in my truck (KW T-680). The goose neck part of holder is pretty solid and not as flexible as you would think so make sure to carefully adjust to your desired angle when adjusting everything till you are comfortable. It adjusts 360° to your desired comfort and can extend out up to 28 inches. It is portable so on your time off at home you can take it home and hook it to your headboard and watch TV or movies. This phone holder is available here.

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Goose Neck Tablet – Phone Holder

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