Issues with Safe Driving

issues with safe driving

Issues with Safe DrivingIssues with Safe Driving – There are many different pet peeves that bother professional drivers and this article doesn’t claim to be comprehensive, but I am certain many drivers will agree that this list is on target for the top pet peeves of professional drivers. This list has a lot to do with safety and safe driving so be careful and aware of these things and your surrounding when driving. Always remember you are the professional and should set the example for the driving public even if many drivers can be morons. A professional always avoids road rage or aggressive driving.

Issues with Safe Driving

  • driving safely around semi-trucksLeft Laners ‑ As a professional driver you should know when driving on the interstate you stay to the right when traveling down the highway and only drive in the left lane(s) when passing other vehicles. There is always some driver who drives in the left lane and drives less than the speed limit. These morons are responsible for accidents and even death of others when accidents occur. The moron driver typically, not always, matches the speed of a driver in the right lane and they make it impossible for others to pass. This creates traffic congestion and cars and trucks to bunch up. In this event all it takes is one person to make a mistake and there is a pile up whereas if the moron left laner had driven properly and allowed others to pass there would not be congestion and if one car were to make a mistake there would be less of a chance of an accident occurring. Why these left laners do not follow the rules and allow traffic to flow freely is beyond and common sense what‑so‑ever. There are exceptions to this rule and that is when it is rush hour or the road is overly congested. In that case many times there is no choice but for the traffic to be in both lanes. However, in highway driving when there is little congestion or even mild congestion it is important for everyone to follow the rules and remain in the right lane unless passing.
  • High Beamers ‑ People who drive with their high beams on and do not switch to low beams at the appropriate time are a danger to other drivers. The rule is (and a law in most places) is to dim your high beams to low beams whenever you are at least 500 feet from another vehicle. It is beyond me that a car or smaller vehicle is approaching a large vehicle such as a semi-truck on a two-lane road and the car or smaller vehicle refuses or does not dim their high beams! The moron must be aware they are blinding the other driver and when you are blinding a semi-truck driver driving a 40-ton vehicle at a high rate of of speed directly at you. You’ve got to be a sandwich short of a full picnic basket to do something like that or you are really, stupid and suicidal. There are a few things you can do as a professional driver to combat the sometimes-blinding light. There are amber colored glasses kind of like sunglasses you can purchase that are made for night driving that inhibit the bright light. Otherwise you just have to squint your eyes and look at the white line on the right side of the road and not the high beams of the car coming at you.
  • No Zone safe driving around trucksAcceleration Lane Non‑Yielders ‑ You are driving a 40-ton vehicle and you are stuck in the right lane with traffic on the left preventing you from moving over as a courtesy to the driving trying to merge on to the highway. What do you do as a professional driver? You keep driving. It is the responsibility of the car merging on to the highway to yield to the traffic on the highway. I will adjust my speed a little for the merging driver but otherwise it is entirely responsible for them to merge safely into traffic on the highway. What gets my goat is the person driving down the acceleration lane and they are not paying attention and not adjusting their speed to safely merge. Some people are talking on the cell phone or just not paying attention and if they were simply paying attention they could adjust their speed so they can marge in front of you or behind you but because they have their head where the sun does not shine they do not pay attention until they are right beside you and that makes a professional driver a little nervous.
  • Right-side Passers ‑ There are times when you are in the left lane after passing another slower vehicle or you are in the middle lane (in the case of three lanes) and a car passes you on the right. This issue is probably the lowest on my list of pet peeves however it is still a pet peeve because it is a safety issue. Another reason why it is low on the list is because a good professional driver follows a simple basic rule and that rule is to always know what is always around you. In some cases, the right side is the blind spot for most drivers of semi-trucks, and therefore it is a safety issue. If a car is in a blind spot and you do not know the car is there and you change lanes it is entirely possible that there will be an accident. Many truck manufacturers have strategically placed mirrors and along with some trucks being equipped with modern technology these types of accidents are diminishing but they still occur. Part of it is education and the other part is common sense, but this issue remains a pet peeve of myself and many other professional drivers.
  • driving safetyHighway Hangers ‑ You are driving down the highway and there is little to moderate traffic. Sometimes you will get another driver (car, truck or otherwise) will come up to you in the passing lane and they will get beside you or just behind you on the right side and just hang there driving for miles just beside you. With miles of empty lanes of interstate in front of you or behind you this car or truck has to hang right beside you. This creates a few safety issues: first is what if you have a blow out or something falls off your truck. It is possible this object will hit the car or truck and cause an accident or severe damage whereas if they would not have been there chances are there would not have been an accident or damage to another vehicle. Secondly, as a professional driver I want to make sure I have an out. If I need to maneuver into that lane to avoid an object or something else this vehicle is taking that option away from me. I have seen other drivers do things to discourage highways hangers such as adjust their speed or weave a little bit in their lane simply to get rid of the highway hanger. As a professional driver you always want to leave yourself an out and try to watch out for the drivers as they are non‑professional and a professional is held to a higher standard or level of safety.

Again, this list is not comprehensive, and I will add some things to this list in the near future, but I believe this is the top things that drive professional drivers crazy or are their pet peeves.

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Issues with Safe Driving


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